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Soy Yogurt in the Instant Pot

It is SO EASY to make soy yogurt in the Instant Pot - you need just two ingredients and some time. Be careful with the soy milk that you use, though. The only ingredients should be soybeans and water. Any additives/preservatives may throw off your end product. I typically use Westsoy original unsweetened or EdenSoy unsweetened soy milk. Also, keep in mind this may be a little thinner than some commercial yogurts, as it doesn't have any thickeners. Ingredients: 1 32 oz. box of unsweetened soy milk 1 Jarrow Formulas Jarro-Dophilus probiotic capsule Preparation: Open the package of soy milk. Pull or cut open the probiotic capsule and pour its contents into the soy milk carton. Cap the carton and SHAKE SHAKE SHAKE. Pour the soy milk into four small (8 oz.) jars. Place the jars inside the Instant Pot pot - no water, no rack - just put them on the bottom of the pot. Put the lid on the IP and close the vent. Set the Instant Pot to the yogurt setting for 13 - 15 hours.